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Meaning: Fair Haired, Bavarian Origin: Irish, German Magnetic, Witty, Contemporary The Bear As a Celtic name, Baire is a shortened version of Barrfhionn or Fionnbharr, and is pronounced as BARRY or BERRY. It means ‘Fair Haired’. As a German name, Baire is a surname and a place name, meaning ‘Bavarian’, it is pronounced as BEAR.

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Meaning: Universal Power Origin: German Confident, Glowing, Eloquent The Mantis Emmera, meaning ‘Universal Power’, is a version of of the Old German name Emmerich (in more modern times, spelled Emeric). It is also the name of a town on the Rhein River in Germany. The name America also derives Emmerich. If you like classic nicknames, […]

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Meaning: God is Gracious Origin: Dutch, German, Latin Vivacious, Light-Hearted, Effervescent The Seahorse Johanna is a variation of the name John, meaning ‘God is Gracious‘. In countries such ass Sweden and Germany this name is commonly pronounced with a Y sound at the start. Nicknames such as Joey, Jo, Hanna and Anna are all sweet […]

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Meaning: Victory of the People Origin: Dutch, German Accepting, Audacious, Courageous The Lion The adored Kai is a Dutch and German diminutive of the name Niklaus. Niklaus originates from the Greek name Nikolaos, meaning ‘Victory of the People’. Nikolaos also bore the common English name Nicholas. Kai is much more modern than it’s other variant […]

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Meaning: Gift of God Origin: German, Dutch Original, Creative, Graceful The Swan Pronounced as mah-TIA, this name is gorgeous and has a rich heritage in the English and Hebrew name Matthew from which it derives. Nicknames include Mattie and Tia, and helps this cultured name fit well with other popular choices such as Mia, Olivia, […]

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