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Meaning: Wolf Snow Leopard Origin: Turkish Bulgarian Refined, Strong, Witty The White Wolf Boris is a strong Slavic and Turkish name which means ‘Wolf’ or ‘Snow Leopard’. The Croatian diminutive Boro is also quite modern and powerful. The name Boris was worn by a King of Bulgaria, and a Prince (who was proclaimed Bulgaria’s first […]

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Meaning: Hunter Pledged to God Origin: Vainakh Hawaiian Hardy, Calm, Nature Inspired The Fire The Vainakh name Elta comes from an ancient deity – the Vainakh god of the hunt – and means ‘Hunter’. It is also thought to be a Hawaiian variation of the name Elizabeth, meaning ‘Pledged to God’. Elta is so on […]

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Meaning: Downy-Bearded Devoted to Jupiter Origin: Turkish Smooth, Aware, Brilliant The Gold Star The Turkish name Julitta derives directly from Julius. Julius/Julitta has two purported meanings. The first is that they derive from Latin Ioulios, which means ‘Downy-Bearded’. The second possible heritage is in Greek mythology, deriving from Jovilius – meaning ‘Devoted to Jupiter’. Julitta reminds […]

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Meaning: Light Bright and Shining One God is my Light Origin: Arabic Persian Indian Pakistani Dutch Meaningful, Diligent, Happy The Ruler The name Noor a gender neutral name which means ‘Light’. It was the name of Queen Noor of Jordan, a wife of King Hussein. It is also known to be a Dutch diminutive of […]

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Meaning: Castle of the Goddess The Smell of Suffering Origin Lydian Greek Fair, Kind, Glorious The Motorcycle Rider The name Thyatira is the name of an Ancient Greek city in Asia Minor that is mentioned in the Bible. There are a few different proposed meanings and origins for this name. One is that it is […]

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