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Meaning: Rock Prince, King, Ruler Beautiful White Jasmine Origin: Maori, Arabic, Japanese, Natural, Artistic, Leader The Dancer Amiri (pronounced as ah-MEER-ee) is a name of many supposed heritages. Firstly from the Cook Islands, meaning ‘Rock’. Secondly being Arabic (also with possible Hebrew and Persian roots) meaning ‘Ruler’, ‘King’ or ‘Prince’. Thirdly thought to be Japanese, […]

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Meaning: Friend Origin: Arabic (Sudanese) Informed, Persuasive, Articulate The Crayfish Siddig or Sidig is an Arabic name that means: Friend. It derives from the word Sadiq. I like the ability to shorten it to Sid. Even still, Siddig itself is a handsome name, and reminds me somehow of the Celtic name Cedric. This name was […]

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