Beautiful Lady


Junoesque, Feminine, Opulent

The Firefly

The meaning of the name Belladonna is “Beautiful Lady”.

An Italian name literally translated: Bella-Beautiful and Donna-Woman. This name is the epitome of femininity in my eyes and oozes charisma. I also adore the nickname possibilities, that have totally different styles depending on the character of the person: Belle/Bella or Donna/Donnie.

On another note this is also the general term used for the name of the plant “Deadly Night Shade” which is a poisonous weed, Don’t let that spoil it for you though, this is still a breathtaking name.

Belladonna reminds me of Anamaria, Stellavera and Annagret. But if you’re looking for more plant inspired names you could use Samphire, Gazania or even Rue.