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Amelia is a multicultural variant of Amalia, which means ‘Work’, from its roots in the Hebrew word Amal – ‘Toil’.

Amelia is often mistakenly thought to be a relative of Emilia as they are strikingly similar, but in actual fact they have very two very different heritages.

This name was popularized by its use in the royal family. The two most famous being Princess Amelia Sophia Eleanor of Great Britain, and Princess Amelia of the United Kingdom, who was called ‘Emily‘ by her father King George III. Funnily enough, Emily is a variant form of Emilia, both coming from the Slavic Emil, which ultimately derives from Aemilius, meaning ‘Rival’.

Amelia is a flowing and feminine name, with so many gorgeous nicknames, including Milly, Emmy, Amy and Melia. It sounds as though it belongs to a fair and erudite girl, a damsel dressed in white and picking wildflowers.

Suggestions that blend well with Amelia are Annelies, Elisia and Mallory.